Tablecloths, wall hangings, backdrops in any size & any colour including your pantone. Variety of fabrics and finishes. Washable, flame retardant and ready for use. Often on a 24 hour turnaround. No minimum order. No fuss. We recommend, we assist, we advise. Best prices guaranteed. It really is THAT simple. Most Popular Cloth Sizes

Most Popular Cloth Size

  • 178cm x 275cm (6ft x 9ft)
    to the floor with a back drop
  • 178cm x 366cm (6ft x 12ft)
    to the floor all round
  • 178cm x 132cm (5ft x 4ft)
    easy to fold & carry - runs front to back
  • 366cm x 366cm (12ft x 12ft)
    backstage wall hanging with massive logo
  • 114cm x 114cm (3.75ft square)
    in the centre of a round table with a plain printed round cloth underneath to match
Promotional Tablecloths